Why invest in Birmingham?

Despite uncertainty caused by Brexit many people are still choosing to invest in one of the UK most popular city Birmingham. It was one of the best performing cities in England in terms of house price growth, comfortably outstripping London. A study conducted in 2017 concluded Birmingham is most improved city in the UK to live and work. This is due to falling unemployment and a wave of investment and regeneration projects.

Birmingham is Europe’s youngest city as 45.7% has been estimated to be under the age of 30 years. Being home to five universities which in turn educate over 73,000 students. Very often these students end up choosing to live in Birmingham after finishing their studies because of career opportunities available as well as affordable living costs. This means residential landlords have a fast pool of qualified graduates as most do not have the cash to buy their own homes.   This city has become a hotspot location for investors as the average price in Greater Birmingham is around £178,000, lower than the UK average of £226,756.

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Project HS2

The largest project Europe will be launched in the UK second city in 2026. The project HS2 is set to land in Birmingham, making commuting into the capital just under an hour. The high rail line will connect London Euston to Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds. Increasing accessibility to jobs for City commuters. Birmingham will be even more or an attraction to companies to launch business as well as workers. The city has already one of the highest numbers of businesses outside of London, we are predicting more people will migrate from the capital due to lower living expenditure.

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