3 Reasons why Spring is a great time to buy a property

When searching for a new place to call home, our thoughts are often clouded and more often than not the emotions influence our decisions. This can be seen on daily basis in real estate business. I’d like to share with you why, in my opinion, Spring is the best time to purchase a property.

1. Moving to your dream apartment with ease

This probably is the last thing on your mind when chasing that dream house in the city centre with spacious terrace, fully equipped kitchen and modern bathroom. However, once you are at that point, you’ll thank me for reminding you that moving process is all but pleasure. Hence, autumn and winter months are a safe bet for soaked carton boxes and slippery streets.

2. Mortgage takes time

Mortgage application is a process that will take several weeks to finalise. If you wish to speed it up, gather all the required documents and communicate with your selected solicitor. From my experience, summer tends to be busier, which may cause you that perfect apartment facing River Thames. Thus, make sure that you are ready when the time comes, so that you can grab the opportunities when they come.

3. Comfort, convenience and no distractions

Have you already booked your summer holidays? And how about that Open House in July, is it on your calendar as well? Or are you planning to cancel it, since your vacation dates clash with those of the viewing or appointment you set up? Whilst summer is a great season for diving in the swimming pool or sunbathing on the roof terrace, it might not be the best time for appointments with your estate agent. When it comes to winter – wouldn’t you rather prefer a cup of hot chocolate next to the fireplace or shopping for Christmas presents?

Overall, spring is the time when moving around the city is more convenient and even pleasant. And besides the benefits listed above, I’m sure that you can find few more.


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